The winery was a project developed by the architect Francisco Seixas Silva in partnership with the Formas e Conceptos architecture office, which involved the reconstruction of a small existing cellar, located in Poiares, in the city of Peso da Régua. The edified set is where the current productive activity is developed, from the reception of grapes to the transformation / fermentation, to the storage / bottling stage, haze and storage of the finished product.


Our winery is made up of two wine storage spaces, currently having a capacity of more than 300 thousand liters of wine.

Tasting Room

We have a tasting room so that it is possible to receiveproperly all the clients and friends that visit us. Here you can enjoy a beautiful landscape and the best Douro wines.

Bottling and Labeling

All our wines are bottled and labeled in the right conditions and with recent, practical and innovative equipment, being able to give a quick response to all the requests of our customers.

Finished Product Warehouse

After our wines are packed, they are stored in our warehouse, waiting only for the order, so that they arrive quickly at your table.