For some time, majority production from its vineyards was sold to competitors in the region, but in 2009 André and Filipe Brás wanted to monetize their own production of raw material, winemaking an estimated 30% to 40% of grapes. Some surplus production is sold to producers in the region.

The duty of passing the legacy from generation to generation is a feeling rooted in the family.

Our history

The history of the 100HECTARES wines begins in the early 70’s, when Brás and Cigarro family – which has an enormous passion for the Douro region – makes major investments in the purchase and renovation of properties located in Douro – Baixo Corgo sub-region. The estates of the family are the origin of their wines, and the production is made exclusively from grapes coming from their properties, which is at the heart of the family’s production philosophy.

``The land was not given to us by our fathers, but borrowed by our children``